• Orthopedics
    8:45~12:00/ 15:00~18:30
    Saturdays 8:45~12:00
  • Dermatology
    8:45~12:00/ 15:00~18:30
    *Closed on:
    Tuesday mornings
    Thursday and Saturday afternoons
  • Optician
    Closed on Monday and Friday
    Tuesday 9:30~12:00
    Wednesday 15:00~18:30 (2nd and 4th week)
    Thursday 9:30~11:30
    Sat/Sun 9:30~12:00
  • Neurosurgery
    Wednesday of 1st and 3rd weeks

Regional collaboration is our goal

Okada Orthopedic Surgery aims to be your specialized medical treatment for the surrounding area


Regarding issues or diseases of the bone, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, nerves etc.


Regarding issues with the skin. We also provide cosmetic dermatology.


Regarding issues such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, dry-eye, cataract, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia etc.

In an emergency?

Call us for immediate assistance!

Wheelchair access

Wheelchairs can also be provided as required

County Pharmacy

Weekdays 8:45~19:00
Thursdays 8:45~13:00
Saturdays 9:30~1600

Transportation service

We also offer a pick-up service in the morning for nearby patients.

Hospital Admission

We aim to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. Meals are also expertly prepared.


The rehabilitaion centre is about 150m², and the staff (three physiotherapists and two massage masters) dedicate themselves to ensure all patients see an early return to society. They are also constantly improving techniques as well as devising new and efficient practices.

Staff Introduction

Doctors (

Hospital Facilities



By train, the JR Sanyo main line arrives at Kamagori station. Turn left at the Ayumi bridge east intersection and turn right at the Yui intersection, we are about 50 meters ahead on the right hand side.

By car, the National Highway No.2 Yuyuhara. Turn right at the Yui intersection, head about 4km along the Chikura River, we are 150m on your right.